Here Comes the Sun…..and a New Summer Camp! 

summer-fun-listJoin us in celebrating summer and all the fun and playful exploration that it brings. We love summer cooking, camp outs, and clever creations.

When would you like to begin? Below is a list of our weekly themes for all things summer related.

*Campers can attend half and full days. See our tuition schedule for pricing.

Week One: It’s a Bug’s Life~ We will explore the bugs that live in our garden and pretend to be bugs too. Be prepared to be messy and curious this week!

Week Two: Aloha Hawaii~ All things Hawaiian come to our Garden. Campers enjoy cooking, music and drumming, a Luau, and dancing.

Week Three: That’s Not Trash!~ What else could we recycle and upcycle with things laying around? Little minds create new art with disposable items and bring treasures from home to make an art show of possibilities.

Week Four: Jr. City Architects~ Our campers have a unique perspective on being kid friendly, so this week we design play features, water parks, cross walks, and other kid-friendly things that will be sent to the city by our campers. Watch out…little engineers at play!

Week Five: Backyard Campers~ Who needs to travel? We transform our school into a remote camp ground filled with tents, scavenger hunts, and camping food.

Week Six: Inventors Workshop~ Anything is possible when we learn how things came to be. What else needs to be invented? Your camper will decide and make a design /model of their invention.

Week Seven: Outdoor Exploration and Hikes~ Hello San Clemente…meet our campers up close as we take trips to the local trails, fire department, and businesses.

Week Eight: Little Chefs~ Who is ready to make summer salads, soups, fresh pastas, and muffins? Summer vegetables and fruits will be explored and discovered with all the senses.

Week Nine: Water Fun~ Bring your swimsuit! Activities include a water balloon toss, water relays, sprinklers, water-based art projects and much, much more!