summer Camp GG 2016

Our summer camp schedule is up! This summer students are literally blasting into summer with scientific exploration, fun, experiments, and field trips. We are even conducting our schools FIRST rocket design and launch. We are lucky to have a visit from an engineer and a NASA scientist to show us how rockets are built and launched.

As a year-round school, our students are continuously enrolled. If your child does not attend the Gratitude Garden but would like to join us for Summer Camp only, you may enroll for a two, four, six, or eight week session. Please call the school for more details at (949)572-4453.

The Gratitude Garden Preschool
Science Explorer’s Summer Camp Schedule
July 5th through August 26th 2016

Week One: Epic Fort Building~ The sky is the limit when you take different materials each day, and work together to build, design and create a fort. Forts will be outside and inside.

Week Two: Upcycled and Reinvented Art~ What else could we recycle and upcycle with things laying around? Little minds create new art and inventions with disposable items and bring treasures from home to make an art show of possibilities.

Week Three: Ocean Festival~ Visit a magical world under the sea, where mermaids and their sea friends play all day long! We’ll paint, print, watercolor, collage, and design a dreamy underwater world in this art camp devoted to the beautiful sea! Along the way, we’ll play games, sing songs, and read tales of ocean adventures! A field trip to The Ocean Institute is included.

Week Four: Junior Aerospace Scientist~ ~Dive into the realms of science with non-stop, hands-on fun. This week of discovery introduces kids to all facets of science and investigation. Explore the science of rockets, propulsion, and polymers. Each child will work in a team to design a REAL rocket, decorate it, and LAUNCH it from Hermosa Sport Park on Friday, July 29th! A live NASA scientist may even visit the school. Let’s blast into summer!

Week Five: Backyard Campers~ Who needs to travel? We transform our school into a remote camp ground filled with tents, scavenger hunts, and camping food. A field trip to Hermosa Park is included this week.

Week Six: Top Chef ~Campers will learn how to make several delicious and fun dishes. Menus are prepared, and our restaurant is open at the end of the week for family and friends! A field trip to Z Pizza to learn how to cook pizza is included.

Week Seven: Flowers and Minds~ Both can’t blossom without STEMs. This camp is specially designed for inquisitive pre-K or Kinder-“Gardeners”. Kids discover how to paint with nature, build a green house, start their own garden and learn what nature needs to make their plants grow!

Week Eight: Outdoor Exploration and Hikes~ Hello San Clemente…meet our campers up close as we take field trips to local trails and businesses.