Our balanced curriculum prepares children for elementary school: emotionally & intellectually.

Our learning community encourages the process of children’s natural curiosity and their desire to make sense of their environment to guide the learning process. This type of approach builds children’s confidence in their abilities to discover, explore, notice, wonder, and document.

Our curriculum reflects a balance of various philosophies and practices.

It is STEM focused and fosters 21st century skills. Each moment of our day offers opportunities to explore, questions to pursue, hypotheses to investigate, and discoveries to celebrate.

Inside every child is a scientist and mathematician, it takes a gentle nudge from an insightful teacher to bring this out.

Many parents ask if we are “play-based” or “academic.” Our answer is that well designed schools are both. A well designed program should not be one or the other, it should encompass all areas of intellectual development. The traditional debate in early childhood education is that ‘free play’ preschools or ‘formal academic instruction’ are the only two options for early childhood curriculum. This is not the case in a well-rounded integrated program. Certainly some proportions of time can be given to both of those kinds of curriculum components.

In the early years, a major component of education must be to provide a wide range of experiences, opportunities, resources and contexts that will provoke, stimulate, and support children’s innate intellectual dispositions.

Gratitude From Our Parents

Dr. Rey and ALL of the teachers are loving and nurturing and I could not think of a better place for my son to spend his days! The children lead a healthy, naturalistic, creative and holistic day filled with exploration and imagination. Absolutely love this school and would recommend it to anyone seeking a different, hands on, outdoor approach to learning and exploring.

Michelle S., Grateful Parent

My wife and I can’t say enough about this school! The STEAM focused approach to learning is terrific and our daughter has learned so much in her 1 1/2 years at The Gratitude Garden. The entire staff is amazing! Our daughter loves being at school so much it’s hard to get her to leave every day! We’re blessed to have found such a wonderful school!

Stephen M., Grateful Parent

I just participated in a tour of this facility. As an educator and Mom, I was totally impressed. The way that STEM is integrated into the whole curriculum and the focus on the whole child really appealed to me. I also appreciated that all teachers have degrees. If you are looking for a place for your child, check them out. I just wish there was space for my child to start immediately!

Rochelle P., Grateful Parent

The Gratitude Garden Preschool is the type of preschool environment all children can thrive in. I love the philosophy behind the school. Nature based and Reggio-inspired STEM preschool (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). I’ve yet to see a program this well established. My sons are thriving at GG and come home with a huge smile on their faces and get excited about going back to school. It’s been a huge weight lifted on my shoulders knowing I can leave them somewhere where they can learn & grow. The director, Dr. Rey is one of a kind. With her extensive background and knowledge there is no other school like this out there.

Slim F., Grateful Parent

When you walk into The Gratitude Garden Preschool, you feel like you walked into a Pinterest dream. Everything is beautiful, peaceful and inspiring. The rooms are always filled with essential oils diffusing to provide a calm and welcoming atmosphere. The toys are unique and well kept. Twinkle lights sparkle throughout the rooms. Teepees and fluffy pillows surrounded by books welcome a loving reading area. It’s perfect! It exactly what we wanted for our son. Not to mention the S.T.E.M. based learning powered by play! The opportunity to get messy, explore and manipulate their world, to play in the dirt, and make new friends all the while learning science and technology is what we needed for our son. 

Juliet E., Grateful Parent

The best word to describe this school is Magical. It truly is such a special place — an amazing environment full of creativity and love on top of their amazing approach to STEAM-based education. The owner, director and teachers are like family to all of the parents, and our boys adore each and every one of them.

Danielle S., Grateful Parent

Absolutely LOVE this school!! My daughter has blossomed right before my eyes. The warm atmosphere and caring staff makes it very reassuring that your child is in very good hands. My daughter went through the preschool program and is now in the kindergarten program and my son is now enrolled in their preschool. Dr. Rey and her staff are amazing at what they do. You won’t be disappointed.

Mike L., Grateful Parent