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At The Gratitude Garden, we want you to know you have selected the best early childhood educational program for your family and child.

Below are some frequently asked questions and our helpful answers. If there is a question you have that is not on this list, please feel free to contact us directly.

Is The Gratitude Garden Preschool accredited?2018-09-19T09:28:36-07:00

We are currently enrolled in and undergoing accreditation. We follow accreditation standards in all health, safety, curriculum, and training areas.

Do I need an appointment to tour The Gratitude Garden Preschool?2020-01-28T12:12:47-08:00

Yes. We do not conduct walk-in tours.

Children of walking age are not allowed in attendance on the first tour. We love children and welcome them to visit once their parents have submitted a New Student Request for Invitation. Due to unknown allergies, potential illnesses, and the well-being of our current students, we request that potential students not accompany their parents during the first tour. Most parents find it beneficial to be child-free while touring, observing, and asking important questions. Tours are an hour in length.

** Tour appointments are only made through our online scheduling system and are for parents of preschoolers only.

To schedule a tour, please select the link below:

>> Schedule a Tour <<

Do you offer part-time care?2018-05-15T10:31:09-07:00


How do I know my child is safe at school?2018-09-19T09:42:41-07:00

School safety is paramount at The Gratitude Garden. The only entry to the campus is through the front door which is locked and opens only for parents or staff with the key card. Additionally, there is a six foot fence surrounding the playground and all safety precautions are taken when visitors are touring the campus.

Due to safety, we only permit tours once a month.  We do not permit walk-in tours. Tours are scheduled through our online system and we verify the personal contact information for each person before we take them on a tour of our school.

We do not allow any volunteers from the public community to work with our children. Parent volunteers must clear our VIP volunteer process before working with children.

In the event of an emergency, we have an advanced emergency communication system which texts and emails school families from on and off campus.

May I visit my child during the day?2022-09-17T14:06:24-07:00


Are all staff trained in CPR and first aid?2018-05-15T10:33:22-07:00


Do you serve lunch?2021-11-28T09:48:06-08:00

No. We did offer a fresh made hot lunch service at an additional fee. However, parents did not order enough lunches for the program to continue delivery service.

Parents pack a nut/candy/gummy free lunch for their child. Hot items need to be kept in a thermos and an ice pack needs to keep items fresh.

We provide healthy and fresh-made organic and non-GMO snacks (when possible) twice a day and fresh reverse osmosis filtered water all day.

How do you deal with food allergies?2018-05-15T10:34:38-07:00

We are a nut free campus and if any child has extreme allergies to another food, we ask parents in that child’s class not to bring that item in any bags from home (within reason). All modifications for allergies will be explored on a case by case basis.

My baby drinks breast milk only. Can I send breast milk?2018-05-15T10:35:12-07:00

Yes, we encourage breast feeding! Mothers milk will be labeled and kept in the school refrigerator.

Do you provide diapers?2018-05-15T10:35:45-07:00


How does The Gratitude Garden discipline children?2018-05-15T10:37:01-07:00

We believe in conscious discipline such as setting boundaries, redirecting, encouragement, one-on-one problem-solving, and teaching skills that promote empathy and self-regulation. Our teachers never berate, embarrass, punish, or withhold food or activities in order to discipline children. Click here for more information on Conscious Discipline.

How much is tuition?2018-09-19T09:18:25-07:00

Our tuition schedule is provided to families upon touring the school. We do not email or post our tuition schedule online.

Please note that tuition may change from one school year to the next.

Do you offer a sibling or family discount?2021-11-28T09:44:31-08:00

Yes. A five percent discount is applied to all siblings after the first child on the lowest priced tuition.

Do you offer a scholarship program or sliding-scale pricing?2018-09-19T08:52:49-07:00

Yes. We have a limited fund for families who require partial financial assistance. About 15 percent of our school community is on a partial school provided financial assistance program. Please inquire with the office to determine if you meet the requirements for partial assistance or if we have funds left for the year. Funds for this program come from The Satya Kids Foundation, which holds a once a year gala for the school.

How often do you require payment – weekly, monthly?2021-11-28T10:02:58-08:00

Monthly. All families must enroll in Tuition Express ACH bank withdrawal as we do not take credit cards or checks for tuition. All payments are done electronically. Tuition is due for the full contract period.

How do I enroll my child?2018-09-19T09:14:17-07:00

You may pick up an application in person or download our New Student Request For Invitation.

We require a personal meeting and play-date with your child prior to acceptance into The Gratitude Garden Preschool.


Does my child have to be potty trained?2018-09-19T09:32:19-07:00

Yes and No. Bathroom training is included in the tuition for our Sprouts Two’s class.

Parents must provide pull-ups and wipes for their child. Diapers are not permitted at school.

Children who are enrolled in our Kinder-Prep and Transitional Kindergarten programs must be bathroom proficient.

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