Ecology is the relationship of living things to each other and to what is around them.

Ecology includes how living things interact with each other and how they interact with their physical environment. Preschoolers are already ecologists! They love to ask questions about climate, how water changes and how plants grow, where seeds come from, and why certain animals behave in a particular way.

At The Gratitude Garden Preschool our indoor and outdoor environment is one big laboratory to be explored. We have chickens, bunnies, chinchillas, guinea pigs, birds in ever y classroom, fish, contained insects, and a vegetable and herb garden.

Students are provided a rich environment to understand the way in which we live with plants and animals, and the way in which some animals live with each other

 Throughout the year we bring in outside vendors to provide up-close  encounters with a variety of animals and introduce a variety of gardening  concepts.  Our organic garden is developed by our students and they prepare  simple recipes in class with the fruits of their labor.

All the animals that live at our school are cared for by our students and staff.

*Children with allergies to animal dander/hair, feathers, flowers, herbs, and being close to a canyon with numerous trees, may not do well at our school. Caution is advised.