Technology is integrated in our program through a variety of teachable opportunities, documentation, and hands-on programs.

One way technology is used at our school is through our communication with our families. We engage with families in an entirely new way by sharing timely, visual photos and videos through our school app. Parents feel connected to their child throughout the day, bringing the classroom to life.

Our software program allows families to receive live-time updates from their child and teacher. All videos, photos, messages, and notes are sent through our app and texting.

“I get so excited when I get a notification on my phone and I see it’s a “Shared Moment”. I get to see how my son is learning, engaging and growing with all his friends. I love that I am not missing these magical moments.” – Juliet E. 

Technology is also utilized in transitional kindergarten and kindergarten. We introduce computer literacy in the form of developmentally appropriate coding games and computer adaptive programs.

For children age four and older, we have Ipads in the class and classroom technology centers. Using whole group instruction and rotating centers, students have the opportunity to learn  beginning coding skills and track their math and logic comprehension.

Providing children developmentally appropriate digital programs allows exploration in the concepts of programming languages and mathematical logic. This process sets the stage for success in learning to code in later years and increases processing speed for sequencing, patterns, logic, and computation.

From a developmental perspective, the type of thinking that goes into learning to code is very sophisticated. It’s complex, multifaceted, and requires children to think deeply, not just recite back rote information. It’s the kind of thinking we want our kids to be doing to develop their brains. Students are not simply in front of screens for hours at a time, our coding and math technology centers have a time limits.

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