We are proud to offer the gift of small classroom size, full-day instruction, and individualized learning to our first kindergarten class beginning this fall.

The TESLA inspired classroom® is designed after the most successful educational models from Silicon Valley, preparatory schools, and children’s leadership programs.

At the end of this month, our TK students will graduate from our transitional kindergarten, which is full-day and advanced in its academics, critical thinking, and social learning. As a result, our students are already advanced beyond the traditional public school kindergarten- which is only half-day in our district and may have as many as 30 children in a class.

If you are still comparing public kindergarten to private, the following long term benefits of high quality kindergarten are well researched and may help aid in your decision.

Studies have shown significantly greater progress for children in full-day kindergarten in the areas of literacy, math, general learning skills, and social skills. Full-day kindergarten children spend more time in teacher-directed individual work and child-directed learning centers. Researchers found that full-day kindergarten allowed children to be more actively engaged and more positive in their activities.

Full-day kindergarten programs can result in social benefits. In a longitudinal study by J.R. Cryan (2006) children in full-day kindergarten programs showed more positive behavior than their peers in half-day kindergarten in the areas of originality, independent learning, involvement in classroom activities, and productivity with their peers, and their approach to the teacher.

Researchers find strong support for full-day kindergarten programs with less than 18 students. Parents and educators report that full-day kindergarten is less rushed with opportunities for extending learning experiences, flexibility to address individual students’ needs and better communication between home and school. The individual needs of students are addressed and nurtured in an environment where the teacher has time to observe and meets the needs of each child. Over-crowded classrooms do not foster a custom learning environment, often a one size fits all approach is used in larger classrooms where time and dedication to each child is not possible. Kindergarten experts recommend a class size of less than 18 children.

The full-day schedule allows more appropriate challenges for children at all developmental levels. For advanced students, there is time to complete increasingly challenging long-term projects. For children with developmental delays or those “at-risk” there is more time for completion of projects and more time for teacher/student interaction.

Research consistently shows that small classes lead to significant improvements in reading and math, and benefits were greatest for students who started in small classes early (full-day kindergarten and first grade).

Our Private Kindergarten Offers:

  • Enriched academic opportunities
  • Emphasis on personal development, including: emotional management,
    problem-solving, empathy, confidence and taking initiative
  • Small classroom size (limited to 12)
  • Parent involvement
  • Ample resources, extracurricular activities, and real world field
  • A well balanced program that inspires the mind, imagination, and heart
    of the learner
  • Program goals that exceed the state guidelines

An Informational Session for kindergarten will be held in July. More details to follow.